• Pressure Sensitive Seal Liner

    Pressure Sensitive Seal Liner

    The liner is composed of foam material coated with high quality pressure sensitive. This liner is also called one-piece liner. It provides tight seal with the adhesive to the container by the pressure only. Without any seal and heating devices. like the hot melt adhesive induction seal liner, is available to all kinds of containers: plastic, glass and metal containers. But it’s not designed for barrier properties, the effects is less than the former, so is recommended to use for solid an powdered goods, such as food, cosmetic and health care products.

  • Foam Liner

    Foam Liner

    Foam liner is a general purpose liner, made of compressible polyethylene foam. These do not create a seal, and is often used for leak prevention.

    Form Liner is one-piece liner, the material is EVA, EPE etc.

    On its own elastic send contractility and container port.

    Suitable for all kinds of container sealing, can use repeatedly, but the seal effect is general.

    Can be used after and aluminum-plastic composite membrane composite and the sealing effect is better.

    The main features for the clean, dust, do not absorb water vapor, not because of humidity or temperature to change its stability.

  • Vented Seal Liner

    Vented Seal Liner

    The vented seal is made of a breathable film and a Heat induction seal (HIS) through ultrasonic or hot melt welding, which fully achieves the effect of “breathable and no leakage”. The vented seal has a simple design, excellent air permeability and excellent resistance to surfactants. This product is developed to prevent the filling container (bottle) from being shaken or placed at different temperatures to produce gas after filling a certain liquid, thereby causing the container to deform or the bottle cap to crack.

    Vented liner is best airflow performance in the industry, multiple venting options fulfill various performance needs. Offered in one piece foam or two piece wax bonded to pulp.

  • Lift ‘N’ Peel

    Lift ‘N’ Peel

    Lift ‘N’ Peel Aluminum Foil Induction Seal Liner

    This is one-piece induction seal liner, no backup or secondary layer, it can be sealed on the container by induction seal machine or electric iron directly. It can provide tight seal on plastic or glass containers can be removed with the whole piece, and there is no any residue on the lip of the container. This induction seal liner is easy to open with lift ‘N’ peel function.